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October 22 & 23, 2010

Atlantic City, NJ EGO


Team Results



1st              James Clingerman

2nd              Advanced BJJ      

3rd              TNT



1st              James Clingerman

2nd              Endgame

3rd              USA Karate




Teen Gi


1st          Angelo “Tiger” Robles          James Clingerman

2nd          Chris Santiago                           TNT


White Belt Open


1st          Brad Woods                          James Clingerman

2nd          Angelo “Tiger” Robles         James Clingerman

3rd         Chris Santiago                           TNT


Blue Belt Open


1st          Josh Kinser                           James Clingerman

2nd          Matt Perry                                  James Clingerman

3rd         Chris Papandria                           James Clingerman


Purple Belt Open


1st          Carlos Soto                           James Clingerman

2nd          Steve Dakhe                           Advanced BJJ



Purple Belt Middle Weight



1st         Steve Dakhe                           Advanced BJJ

2nd         Justin Curtis                           James Clingerman


Men’s Novice


1st          George Sutter                           USA Karate MMA

2nd         Nick Isihos                           TNT


Men’s Intermediate


1st          Matt Perry                                    James Clingerman

2nd         Angelo “Tiger” Robles         James Clingerman

3rd         George Sotter                           USA Karate MMA

Men’s Intermediate Light


1st          Brad Woods                            James Clingerman

2nd         Jeff Hornak


Men’s Advanced


1st          Leandro Hernandez                   Ricardo Almeida

2nd         Chris Papandria                          James Clingerman

3rd         Brad Woods                           James Clingerman


Men’s Unlimited Expert


1st          Nicholas Caggia                          Endgame

2nd         Ben Mauro                           Parks Karate


Men’s Absolute


1st          Nicholas Caggia                          Endgame

2nd         Josh Kinser                           James Clingerman

3rd         Angelo “Tiger” Robles         James Clingerman



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November 2, 2019

Competitor List

November 2, 2019


Great event, well run, and great atmosphere. Always enjoy taking my students to EGO. Thanks to James and AJ for putting on a great event.

~Bodhi Freeman