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The Extreme Grappling Open (EGO) started as a simple project: to put together an effectively run, organized, fair and affordable tournament. Offering Gi and No-Gi divisions for Children through adult, both male and female. It is also the host of some of the most intense Invite Only Divisions you will see anywhere!

At the debut event in 2004 the tournament hosted well over 100 competitors, which at the time, made it the largest Jiu-Jitsu tournament in Indiana history. The second tournament was over twice the size of the first.

Event after event the tournament grows bigger and better than the one before. The competitors get more competitive, the matches get more intense and the Extreme Grappling Open becomes more Extreme.

Typically, the term “ego” is associated with an exaggerated sense of self-importance or conceitedness - but it can also be simply an appropriate pride in one’s self and one's accomplishments. Ego can crush one’s self-esteem or it can drive one to achieve great things. A positive sense of ego is an important factor for any athlete during competition. Too much ego in training or too little in competition can often lead down the same path. The appropriate amount of ego can be a deciding factor between victory and defeat. How big is YOUR ego?

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Great event, well run, and great atmosphere. Always enjoy taking my students to EGO. Thanks to James and AJ for putting on a great event.

~Bodhi Freeman