What are the Weight Classes?

For Mens and Masters Weight Classes always remain the same.  They are as follows...

Rooster - 130.9 and Under

Super Feather - 131-144.9

Feather - 145 - 158.9

Light - 159-172.9

Middle - 173 - 186.9

Light Heavy - 187 - 200.9

Heavy - 201 - 214.9

Super Heavy - 215 - 230.9

Unlimited - 231 and Above

Women –

Heavy - 191 & over                       

Middle - 171-190                       

Light - 151-170                       

Feather - 131-150           

Rooster - Under 130


Kids and Half Pints –

Unlimited - 145-200                       

Medium - 131-144                       

Light - 115-130                       

Super Feather - 100-115                       

Feather - 90-99                                   

Super Bantam - 80-89                                   

Bantam - 70-79                                   

Super Fly - 60-69                                   

Fly - 50-59                                   

Light Fly - 1-49           


Teens -                        

Unlimited - 231and Up                       

Super Heavy - 215-230           

Heavy - 201-214                       

Light Heavy - 187-200           

Middle - 173-186                       

Light - 159-172                       

Feather - 145-158                       

S.  Feather - 131-144           

Rooster - 116-130                                   

Bantam - 101-115                                   

Super Fly - 86-100                       

Fly - 70-85                       

Light Fly - 1-69



What are the Divisions and Their Time Limits?

Gi - 

White Belt - 5 Minutes

Blue Belt - 6 Minutes

Purple Belt - 7 Minutes

Brown Belt - 8 Minutes

Black Belt - 10 Minutes

All Kids - 4 Minutes




Novice (0-6 Months Experience)  - 5 Minutes

Beginner (6 Months - 1 1/2 Years) - 6 Minutes

Intermediate (1 1/2 Years - 3 Years) - 7 Minutes

Advanced (3-6 Years) - 8 Minutes

Expert (6 Years and Over) and All Invited Divisions - 10 Minutes 


Kids/Half Pints

Beginner (under 1 Year Experience) - 4 Minutes

Intermediate (1-2 Years Experience) - 4 Minutes

Advanced (Over 2 Years Experience) - 4 Minutes



Beginner (under 1 Year Experience) - 5 Minutes

Intermediate (1-2 Years Experience) - 5 Minutes

Advanced (Over 2 Years Experience) - 5 Minutes



Beginner (under 1 Year Experience) - 6 Minutes

Intermediate (1-2 Years Experience) - 7 Minutes

Advanced (Over 2 Years Experience) - 8 Minutes

What time will I compete?

It's hard to put an exact time on when you will compete. It's always going to depend on how many competitors are at the tournament, and how long the matches run.

What order will the tournament run?

We start with our kids and teens divisions at 10:00am. At noon we will run any super fights and then we will start the men's and women's gi divisions. We will always run higher ranks first. We do this out of respect for our higher ranks. This allows them to compete sooner and not have to wait as long. Plus it gives them the opportunity to coach their team. We also run the older divisions in each rank first. Once the kids and teens have had an opportunity to rest, we will start working them back in with no-gi. When the men's gi divisions have all been called we will proceed to women's no-gi and then to the men's no-gi in the same manner – starting with the more experienced.

I am a Blue Belt, can I fight up in the Purple Belt Division?

The answer to this one is different at every tournament. Here at the Extreme Grappling Open the answer is, “no”. As the upper belt rank, there is no benefit to allowing someone of a lower rank to enter your division. If you beat them – you should have, you are a higher rank, and if you lose, you lost to someone of a lower rank. We assume that your instructor has you at the appropriate belt rank.

How many competitors should I expect?

I would love to be able to answer this. It's going to differ everywhere, at each tournament. What I can tell you is that if it's our first time in a city it will probably be a bit smaller of a tournament. I can also tell you that our Indianapolis tournaments are always one of the largest.

How late does the tournament normally last?

This will also depend on how many competitors there are. We will keep the mats running and will add more mats for larger tournaments. We have only had one tournament run past 6:30pm. Having said that, come prepared to be there the whole day. It can be a long day, but it's also a lot of fun and worth every minute.

How many people will be in my division?

This will always depend on the tournament. If you are a white belt or in the novice or beginner divisions you will most likely have more people to compete against. Also, if you weigh between 160 and 190 lbs you will probably have more people in your division.

Can I bring food or will there be food there?

Typically the answer is yes. Yes you can bring food, and yes there will be food to purchase there. Some venues do not allow people to bring food so you might want to email us ahead of time and verify. We can always be reached at via the contact form here, or at [email protected].

If I have a wrestling background, which No-Gi Division is right for me?

If you are a wrestler you need to enter the division above what your time in dictates.  So for example, if you have been training for 9 months you would normally enter the Beginner Division, but as a wrestler you need to move up into the Intermediate Division.  If you have any further questions on this, please feel free to contact us.

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