EGO Rules

Point System

  • Takedown – 2 Points
  • Sweep – 2 Points
  • Knee-On-Stomach – 2 Points
  • Passing the Guard – 3 Points
  • Mount - 4 Points
  • Rear Mount – 4 Points

To gain points, the position must be held for the count of 3 seconds.

Points will be accumulated throughout the match. Matches will be won by the competitor with the most points at the end of the match, if there is no submission. In the event of a tie (no points, no advantages) the referee will make a decision based on overall aggressiveness, technique and submission attempts.


In the event of an even score, Advantage points will be calculated to determine the winner. Advantage points will be awarded for:

  • A near submission
  • Obtaining a dominant position, but not controlling it for 3 seconds
  • (Example: Gaining the mounted position for only 2 seconds or forcing an opponent to roll to his knees to prevent the guard pass.) A near takedown or sweep

Illegal techniques include:

  • Striking
  • Biting
  • Fish hooking
  • Gouging
  • Hair pulling
  • Slamming from guard
  • Small Joint (Fingers & Toes) Manipulation
  • Foul Language
  • Obscene gestures
  • Heel-Hooks, Knee-Bars and Inside Toe Holds

Grabbing the big toe’s side are permitted only in the Invite Only Divisions.

Purple, Brown & Black Belts and Advanced & Expert No-Gi are allowed Straight Knee-Bars.

Unsportsmanlike conduct and/or disregard for the rules can result in penalties or disqualification at the referee’s discretion.

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Great tournament. This was my first time at EGO and I was very impressed on how everything was ran. I look forward to attending the next one. Special thanks to James and AJ!

~Tim Davis