Top Competitors of the Year as of July 2011

Jul 25, 2011

The numbers have been run and the Standings are in!  

In the Adult Gi Division there is currently a 3-way tie!  BJ Nelson from Relson Gracie, Kenny Degenhardt from Team Shawn Hammonds, and Tyler Steppe from Memphis Judo and Jiu Jitsu all have 10 points as we end the first half of the season!   

In the Kids/Teen Gi Division Seth Ritchie is in the lead with 7 points – just barely beating his Derby City Teammate Trace Carter, who along with Brett Wright of Team Montiero and Zane Brown of Core, who all have 6 points.  

In the Adult No-Gi Rob Arnett of Team James Clingerman is in the lead with 28 points!!!  Rob has won both Absolute Divisions so far this year – and is determined to make a clean sweep of them – Will you be the one to stop him?  Team James Clingerman has all of the Top 3 No-Gi Spots – with Atsuhiro Takano taking 2nd with 26 points and Carlos Soto in 3rd with 16 points.  

In the Kids/Teen No-Gi Brett Wright of Team Montiero is in first place with 9 points!  Second Place is a tie between Trace Carter of Derby City and Zane Brown of Core – both with 6 points!  

It’s a strong start to the season, but truth is, it’s still anybody’s game!  There are still 2 more EGO left in 2011 and all Standing Points are doubled at the SUPER EGO!!!   

Will you be 2011’s EGO Competitor of the Year?!?!  


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What an awesome tournament you put on for Super Ego 2012. We had a great time and felt that the day was packed with excitement!!!
It was so much fun to watch all of the children get to show off their skills... and might I add, we have a mighty fierce children's division!!!! 
Everything ran smoothly and time efficient. Your staff showed a great team effort, as well as positive attitudes! If there were any glitches, they were handled well and not disruptive to the day. Thank you for an awesome team and environment to expose sports to our children.

~Heather Dorsey